Os países que já visitámos!

Os países que já visitámos!

Knowing how to be socially and educated is to be fashionable! Smoke, laud talking, late night out and usually wear jeans is OUT

I buy Vogue every month, and I confess that it is the only magazine that makes me spend money, any other that is not buy and not have any interest in reading it!

Firstly, because the "media" and the "Pink Magazines" lie and writte about things without any interest. There are a thousand things more interesting to read ... like books or edcation magazines, travel magazines, or furniture magazines, etc. 

This month, Vogue has an article where he refers to being super polite and know it is fashionable to be!

If in the year 1960 the fashion woman said bad words and smoke a lot, now to be on fashion is more than that! We can't smook to be elegant, we can´t divorced mor than one time, we can't every day jeans, etc... We have to be more demanding for us to be better than other countries. We must be more elegant, know-being in society, have class, do not be ignorant and arrogant, and so on.

It's a really shame, otherwise today we (Portuguese) could be like a Switzerland or Norway! But no, We established ourselves in our own way of being and worse than that of others the way they were without criticizing or making a selection of people around us.
Vogue reports that increasingly, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell or L. Lohan among others, are OUT! Let me explain the reason ....

Women who smoke are completely out, not only by losing elegance...;
Women who divorce more than one time, show that they do not know what they want, they are insecure and unstable, so they don't have a personality and are not self-defined;
The perfection and phenomenality are endangered so the woman who smokes, divorce, dress badly, swearing and is not educated is increasingly far from being a Lady! As one that has different behavior and completely opposite to those beginning to be increasingly a rarity, so therefore closer to perfection;
Loud Talking is OUT;
5 º Go to the house of others and put your feet on the couch or table or even smoke in someone else's house (even asking permission) is out and it's rude;
6º  Pay attention to detail is becoming a rarity so is IN;
 Have facebook is OUT ..... They were surprised? But it's true! 
Have a lot of skills in digital systems (computers) is out, because it was found, that if we have a lot of skills in digital systems, we have lower our emotional intelligence;
Usually Wear Jeans is out (for women)! Increasingly there are thousands of alternatives comfortable and stylish without having to appeal to jeans;
10º Lying and sleep early is elegant;
11º The way to be at the able is very important, like the knowing it cross your legs, speaking with people looking at them and not focus only on one person if there are more listeners.

Spend the night in bars and clubs is OUT!

Until a few fashion designers inspired by the wardrobe of Buckingham, or dressed up with no cleavage, "nude - skin" colours, tailleurs, etc..
The most attended parades in New York were those of simple elegance.

Infortunately, being vulgar in our country is to be normal, while being polite, unusual, with culture is increasingly rare, so unusual, but closer to the perfection. But this people polite, with culture etc, is anormal in our country because are a few people like that, and that people doesn't follow the normative pattern of others. Normality is a subjective concept! What is normal depends not only on the quantity and quality, or what is right or wrong!

PS: Sorry my english!